Women’s T20 World Cup sees new chapter in India-Pakistan rivalry

No matter what anyone says, India-Pakistan meeting is not “just a game”. These are battles where not only skill is tested, but also a player’s nerves. His two-man battle at the Women’s T20 World Cup had many exciting finals.

Sunday night’s game could be another treat for fans. Team India, who have an excellent head-to-head record against Women in Green at the T20 World Cup, look to extend their dominance in the fourth leg of the 2023 edition at Newlands, Cape Town.

The Indian Express looks back at all the previous duels between rivals in the Women’s T20 World Cup. 2009 (India win by 5 wickets) – In what looked like a fairly easy chase, Women in Blue struggled 16-3. That was before Priyanka Roy fell to Sana Mir in the 8th over. Match 1, Group B, Boral, ICC Women’s World Cup India’s players celebrate at the wicket on March 7, 2009.

(ICC) But starting hitter Anjum Chopra kept her cool and helped her side get past their targets. However, Roy was the star of the day, beating the Pakistani line-up 16-5. Rumeli Dahl sacked three wickets, including top scorer Nine Abidi, to get the ball rolling, while leg spinner Roy gave the Pakistani women a competitive total of 20 as they were limited to 75 carries. didn’t give it a chance.

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