This Valentine’s Day, do you have FOMO? enjoyable things lone people can do

Who says you have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day? Are you feeling the anxiety of missing out as all of your friends who have partners start making plans for Valentine’s Day? The most significant type of love, we are here to inform you, is self-love. You can only love people when you sincerely love yourself. So, if you are single, don’t worry; we share some incredible ideas for a wonderful Valentine’s Day with you.

Schedule a date with buddies.
Plan a romantic outing with each of your single friends; you will, we assure you, have the time of your life. Pick a charming location that offers delicious food, candlelight, and flower accents.

How you look can have a great impact on how you feel. Go get a facial, mani-pedi session or a hair-cut that you have been wanting to get for a long time. You will instantly feel better.

Do a movie marathon

There is nothing more lovely than watching your favourite movie all over again and experiencing warm emotions and nostalgia. You really don’t need someone to enjoy your favourite film, but if you like, you can watch it with a sibling or a friend as well.

Go for a fun activity

You can use V-Day to pamper yourself by going for a fun activity that you have been wanting to do for a long time. It could be going for a dance class or a pottery class or going to a gaming zone – the possibilities are endless. You can visit that dog cafe you have been wanting to for a long time and spend V-Day with furry friends. Plus, these activities will help you release happy hormones.


You can choose to volunteer and spend the V-day at an orphanage or an old age home. By volunteering, you will not only gain perspective but will also feel more fulfilled and happy. Plus, you can also make some deep, meaningful connections at these places.

Beautify/re-do your space

This V-Day, add some beauty to your personal space by cleaning up your wardrobe and room. Buy yourself some flowers and candles and decorate your space. You can later take a nice long bath, followed by ordering in your favourite food accompanied by watching your favourite sitcom. Doesn’t it sound extremely relaxing and wholesome?

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