Things to avoid having done at a salon

Dr. Aanchal, a dermatologist, provides a list of salon procedures to avoid, including facial waxing and chemical peeling.
One frequently visits a salon to make self-grooming easier because it can be a laborious task. However, one could easily fall for their new skin and hair treatments and end up obtaining them. But did you know that some salon procedures should be carefully avoided since they may have an adverse effect on your skin and harm it?

In order to warn individuals about what procedures to avoid having in parlours, dermatologist Dr. Aanchal posted on Instagram.
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Waxing your face The expert referred to it as “the worst approach to eliminate facial hair,” and he or she noted that it “leads to the ingrown region, red pimples on the face, and can exacerbate acne.” She clarified that in a rare instances, frequent waxing may also cause some regions to get darker. She advised against using facial waxing and advised instead using shaving or laser hair removal as more effective hair removal techniques.

*Chemical peeling: According to Mayoclinic, a chemical peel is a treatment in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin in order to remove the top layers. Strong peels, according to the expert, ought to be performed under a dermatologist’s guidance. However, gentle home-based peels can be used. The majority of instances might be straightforward, but a specialist is required to treat minor burns, she added.

*Comedone extraction: This technique for treating acne is referred to as such. According to the expert, “a few superficial blackheads may be removed after getting steam to soften keratin,” but that one should “avoid extraction of large or deep comedones (pores), since this cannot merely be squeezed out and would require a prick for easy removal.”

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