Samsung Galaxy 8 Price & Launch date Leaked

A twitter user has leaked the price and release date for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship. He claims that the phone will launch on 29 March and that prices will start at $849 (around Rs 58,000).

Ricciolo1, the Twitter account in question, states that a ‘Little bird’ told him this. He also adds that the phone will be available in ‘w17’, which we can only assume to mean week 17, which would translate to late April.

In addition, he says that the phone is ready and that it will be shown off at MWC in February next month, but that the phone won’t be “showcased to big public”.

The phone’s price of $849 does sound rather steep, but then this is the S8 we’re talking about and flagships have long since crossed the Rs 60,000 mark.

The phone represents a return to form for Samsung, which has been reeling under the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that forced the recall of millions of handsets.

The S8 is widely believed to feature a large, almost bezel-less display, an OLED screen, the latest SoCs that Samsung and Qualcomm have to offer, and a curved display. An even larger S8 Plus is also expected to be announced, and this one might be priced at $949.

It’s not know whether Samsung is dropping the ‘Edge’ from its naming conventions and simply sticking with a curved OLED screen on subsequent Galaxy S series devices.

Just recently, detailed 3D renders of the devices were allegedly leaked by an unnamed case maker.