Alia Bhatt
on 30/06/21, 7:18 am

Government of India made 27700 complaints to Google in April, more than 59000 content removed

In its first monthly transparency report, Google said it received over 27,700 complaints from individual users in India in April this year related to alleged violations of local laws or personal rights, leading to the removal of 59,350 content. Google released its monthly compliance report under the IT regulations that came into force on May 26.


Under the new IT rules, large digital platforms with over 50 lakh users will have to publish their compliance reports every month, detailing complaints received and action taken on them. The report also details a number of communication links or information that Google has removed or disabled access to with automated tools. A Google spokesperson told PTI that the company has a long history of transparency with respect to various requests it receives from around the world.


"All of these requests have been monitored and have been incorporated into our current transparency report since 2010," the spokesperson said on Wednesday. This is the first time we (India) will publish a monthly transparency report as per the new IT regulations, and will continue to publish more details as we improve our reporting process for India. It is expected that the data will come after two months considering the time taken for data versioning and verification.