Raftaar Singh
on 30/06/21, 7:20 am

Data of 700 million users of LinkedIn being sold on dark web, company denies data leak

There is news of a big data leak in the social networking platform LinkedIn. According to the report, the data of 756 million users of LinkedIn has been leaked, which is being said that this leak includes the data of about 92 percent of the users of LinkedIn, although no information has been revealed about the hackers who leaked the data. I have come. This data leak of LinkedIn includes personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, locations, and salaries of users.


Earlier in April this year, LinkedIn itself had confirmed the data leak of 500 million users. In that leak too, from the e-mail address to a mobile number, full name, account ID, social media account information, and office information was leaked. This data leak was also listed on the online hacker forum.


On this data leak, LinkedIn says that no data has been leaked. This data has been extracted by scraping the network, although LinkedIn has definitely said that it is investigating the matter. After a preliminary investigation, LinkedIn has said that the personal data of any LinkedIn member has not been leaked. The company says that scraping data is a violation of LinkedIn's privacy policy.