4 Steps to Learn to use Reliance Jio 4G internet on your 2G or 3G phones

Reliance Jio has become a sensation of the telecom sector ever since its birth. The USP of the Mukesh Ambani headed company has been of offering free and unlimited data and voice calls.

With Jio's attarctive plans, the other major telecom giants like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel and other have been having sleepless nights over the pas few months. The other telcos have tried their level best to counter attack Reliance Jio is several ways, however couldn't succeed in their game plan.

Well, not everyone has a 4G phone right? And just to enjoy the unlimited services, buying a 4G device seems to be a very bad option though. So, what happens if you have a 2G or 3G device, and want to enjoy the unlimited Reliance Jio plans? Well, we at GizBot have a solution for you here
Well, apart from the amazing consumer friendly tariff plans and services, Reliance Jio also has its drawback. One major disadvantage that have been under the limelight from the birth of Jio is that its services can be used only on 4G phones.

Here's JioFi at your service.

STEP 1: There have been a lot of buzz about JioFi lately. The device is available at any Reliance store at just Rs. 1,999. To enjoy 4G service on your 2G and 3G phone, you have to grab JioFi first, which comes with Happy New Year offer pre-installed.

STEP 2: Install the device and over 10 devices can be connected to JioFi at a single time.

STEP 3: After connecting you 2G and 3G phone to JioFi, you are free to browse anything and everything at a 4G speed. Now, what if you want to make calls?

STEP 4: Download Jio4GVoice from Google Play Store and you can now make unlimited calls to any of your contact for free, similar to that of the Reliance Jio customer.