Bhim Prasad
on 14/05/19, 5:15 am

Your WhatsApp Will Be HACKED Through Voice Calling Feature, SECURE Now

A defenselessness in the informing application WhatsApp let aggressors introduce spyware on the clients' telephone, revealed BBC News. It stays obscure what number of WhatsApp clients were influenced. The Facebook-possessed organization found the defenselessness and issued a security warning not long ago, requesting that its clients update the application. 

"A support flood defenselessness in WhatsApp VOIP stack permitted remote code execution by means of exceptionally made arrangement of SRTCP parcels sent to an objective telephone number," WhatsApp said. The organization has revealed a fix, however it is misty what number of clients were influenced. WhatsApp said in an announcement to BBC that the assault focused on a "select number" of clients.

According to a Financial Times report, which first reported that the bug has was installed by a private Israeli security firm NSO Group, used its software Pegasus. It was able to take advantage of WhatsApp’s voice call feature to infect the phones.

The loophole allowed attackers simply to call a user and install the surveillance software even if the call was not picked up. According to FT, the call would sometimes not even show up in a user’s call log.

The issue seems to affect Android prior to version 2.19.134 and WhatsApp Business for Android prior to version 2.19.44. For iOS, WhatsApp prior to version 2.19.51 and WhatsApp Business prior to version 2.19.51 seems to have been affected. WhatsApp for Windows Phone prior to version 2.18.348, and WhatsApp for Tizen prior to version 2.18.15 devices have been advised to update the app as well.