Priyanka Chopra
on 03/05/21, 8:07 am

Who is richer? Arishfa Khan Or Ashi Singh

Arishfa Khan and Ashi Singh are the leading social media sensations. Their beauty and personality have made them the most loved actresses in the industry and among their fans. These actresses have displayed their acting skills in various roles that they have portrayed on the small screen. They are phenomenal actresses and amazing fashionistas.

According to a report in media, Arishfa has a net worth of around $1M. She has been ruling on the small screen and the digital platform. As far as Ashi is concerned, reports in the media suggest that she has a net worth of 1.5 Million dollars

Arishfa and Ashi have a sense of fashion like no other. Be it the hottest trends or latest styles, they know how to pick out things that not just suit their body types but also show off their features. Today, we will reveal who is the richest star amongst the two.