Ranbir kapoor
on 12/01/22, 4:42 am

WhatsApp will currently permit you to listen voice messages behind the scenes

WhatsApp is wanting to carry out another element that will permit you to pay attention to voice messages regardless of whether you are moving to different windows.

The Meta-claimed texting organization is trying it for the Android gadgets however it is as of now carrying out to chosen iOS beta clients. As of now, the voice note naturally quits playing assuming you leave that particular talk tab however with this arranged component you might oversee the voice notes. You can now listen it behind the scenes as well.

Already, we told with regards to the voice structure, speed control, and so on, which are being tried and in course of rollout to WhatsApp clients all over the planet. The WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo observed that WhatsApp is at long last carrying out the worldwide voice note player on iOS beta.

"This element has been delivered to certain iOS beta analyzers (counting WhatsApp Business beta) at the same time, assuming you can't pay attention to voice notes when you change to an alternate talk, it implies your WhatsApp account isn't prepared to allow you to test the element."

"About WhatsApp beta for Android, is as yet a work in progress and there is no report about the delivery date," he added.