Bhim Prasad
on 03/01/19, 2:10 am

WhatsApp To Launch New Features In January, Here's How You Will Benefit

WhatsApp has been adding new features on a regular basis on its platform in order to improve the overall user experience and the same trend has made WhatsApp the most popular messaging app in the world. The year 2018 was a special one for the Facebook-owned app as we saw features such as WhatsApp stickers, picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, Group video calling and more.

Now, with 2019 just being started, we already have an idea as to what the folks at WhatsApp are planning to introduce this year and while we have already told our readers about the upcoming as well as the most anticipated WhatsApp features of 2019, here we take a look at some features that might be introduced to the platform in the month of January itself.

WhatsApp upcoming features: WhatsApp Dark Mode, Consecutive Voice Messages and more coming in January 2019.

WhatsApp upcoming features: Consecutive Voice Messages

The  Consecutive Voice Messages feature will allow users to listing to all consecutive voice messages sent by a contact, automatically. The feature is currently beta and users just need to tap on the play button of the first voice message and WhatsApp will automatically play all the voice messages received consecutively. It was first spotted on WhatsApp beta for iOS (v 2.18.100) and Android Beta version (v 2.18.362).

WhatsApp upcoming features: Dark mode

The Dark Mode feature was a popular one among all social media, streaming or any such platforms as the likes of Facebook and YouTube launched their respective Dark Mode feature in 2018. Now, WhatsApp is also expected to follow suit in January 2019 by launching the Dark mode on its platform which will give users an option to select a dark theme which will be light on their eyes and won’t hamper their eyes even after extended usage under low-lighting conditions.

WhatsApp upcoming features: Media Preview

The Media Preview feature of WhatsApp will allow users to preview any media (video, image or audio) directly via their smartphone’s notification tray. Once the feature is rolled out for the masses, users will simply need to swipe down on the message in order to view the media content without the need of opening the WhatsApp app.