Bhim Prasad
on 19/03/18, 8:24 am

WhatsApp group description now available for all users: Here's how to get it

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has officially rolled out the group description feature allowing users to add a description to group chats. The feature has been rolled out to both Android and iOS users. The group description feature was available in Android beta last month.

The description can be 512-characters long. Any member of the group can edit the description and the description can be viewed by the group members whenever the open the group information page

Here is how you can update the group description

Open WhatsApp group
Tap the group name info
Select 'Add group description' just below group name
Now you can describe the purpose of the chat group
Once done, the description will be available for viewing to all group members
WhatsApp Messenger recently updated its ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature letting users delete their sent messages within 4096 seconds or 68 minutes and 16 seconds as compared to its earlier deadline of 420 seconds or seven minutes.

The popular Internet-based messaging service had rolled out the ‘Delete for Everyone’ in November last year. Deleting messages for everyone allows you to delete specific messages you have sent to either a group or an individual chat.