Ranbir kapoor
on 01/09/16, 2:42 pm

Weird signs of health troubles

Diagnosing ill health is no rocket science, if you know how to use your five senses well. Most health hazards don’t start with a major symptom but with physical changes which we mostly tend to ignore. Some of these signals we overlook and for some, we turn doctors ourselves and don’t bother visiting a real one. But you can spot the isuues early if you know where exactly to look for. Here are five things to keep a watch on in order to prevent diseases which might turn fatal in future.

Check Your Hairline For Thyroid Disease 

Weird Signs Of Health Troubles

The disease is caused when your hormone-making gland, thyroid, doesn’t function properly. That affects your body in such a way that everything related to your hormones stops working normally. The first thing that comes under the hammer is your hairline. The moment you notice hair loss, or dry hair, you should act on it and get a check up for Thyroid disease done.

Check Your Hearing For Diabetes 

Weird Signs Of Health Troubles

Diabetes is a result of high blood sugar levels. So, when your blood sugar levels rise, that causes damage to the blood vessels in your ears too. As a result, the chances of hearing loss also rise. So, if you feel you are hard of hearing, don’t just ignore it as a joke. Make sure to check your blood sugar levels and consult a doc immediately.

Check Your Breath For ED

Weird Signs Of Health Troubles

Sounds strange, but the truth is that your dental health is linked to your sexual health in more ways than one. Bad breath is sure to drive the girl of your dreams 1000 miles away, but other than that, it is also a sign of gum disease. According to research, gum diseases are linked with erectile dysfunction. Hence, in case you see any gum problem, make sure to run to your dentist and immediately fix it.

Check Your Reflection For Heart Disease 

Weird Signs Of Health Troubles

When your ticker is under threat, the signs start showing on your face. If your skin starts sagging or you look older than your biological age, you are very likely on the way to having some heart problem. Signs such as wrinkles, baldness, grey hair and cholesterol deposits on your eyelid are surefire signs that you are at a higher risk of heart disease.

Check Your Eyes For Cognitive Decline

Weird Signs Of Health Troubles

Your eyes can tell you a lot about your brain. The fact is that the veins in your eyes can indicate what’s going on inside your brain, as the function, size and structure of your eyes and your brain’s vessels are very similar. Therefore, a decline in your eyesight could mean a decline in your cognitive functioning, paving way for dementia even. Book an appointment with your eye doctor in case of even the slightest blurred vision.