Alia Bhatt
on 19/02/17, 1:52 am

Ways to stop your boyfriend from smoking?

Step 1

Do your research and arm yourself with the facts about secondhand smoke. Even if he doesn't care about his health, you might get his attention by showing him the risks he's taking with yours.

Step 2

Don't allow this to become a contentious issue between you two. You won't be persuasive if he perceives your conversations as nagging. Voice your concerns and show you are saddened by his addiction, but try not to express anger.

Step 3

Suggest he begin by reducing the amount he smokes if he's not ready to stop completely.

Step 4

Help your boyfriend list his reasons for why he enjoys smoking as well as the benefits of quitting. This can help him clarify his motivations and help him decide to quit.

Step 5

Let him know that even if he's failed in his previous attempts to quit, he can be successful this time. It often takes smokers a few tries before they succeed. Don't let him give up on himself.

Step 6

Help him plan in advance for quitting day. Suggest he select a significant date -- it could be his or your birthday -- and prepare for it. He can finish his last pack of cigarettes and be ready with healthy alternatives to take his mind off smoking. Help him stock up on nutritious snacks, or join a gym with him so you can both focus on developing a healthier lifestyle.

Step 7

Encourage him to join a support group that helps ex-smokers. Explore online groups that you can suggest for him.

Step 8

Suggest he keep a diary to track when his cravings for a cigarette occur and help increase his awareness of any patterns so he can prepare for them.

Step 9

Help him break the habits he has associated with smoking. Suggest going out to places where smoking is forbidden such as a movie theater. Spend more time with friends who are nonsmokers.

Step 10

Keep encouraging him, even if he fails. Help him figure out why he failed and help him learn from it. Urge him to try again and let him know you believe he can succeed.

Step 11

Don't forget to ask him how he would like you to help. People react in different ways to stressful situations, so don't assume that you hold all the answers that best serve his needs.

Step 12

Help keep up his morale with praise and gifts. Consider making a personalized calender to help him mark off the number of days he remains smoke-free. Plan little rewards for each milestone.

Step 13

Avoid criticism. The American Cancer Society recommends you don't judge, lecture or chastise, which can make smokers feel bad about themselves. Your boyfriend then could decide he needs a cigarette to make him feel better.


  • Enlist the support of his friends. If any of them smoke and are willing to quit with your boyfriend, it can help.