Chulbul Pandey
on 23/06/21, 7:01 am

ICMR scientist said: Corona virus can be made in the lab, vaccination can be found to control the third wave!

The manner in which the coronavirus is rapidly changing its form is the hallmark of any RNA-based virus. But earlier the coronavirus was dangerous only in animals, but later the way in which it started wreaking havoc in people, definitely raises questions. It is possible that genetic engineering has happened in the virus. This is to say of Dr. Samiran Panda, Chief Epidemiologist at ICMR.  Dr. Samiran talked in detail about the changing nature of the coronavirus and all its conditions.


In viruses that are RNA-based, these changes keep happening in the early stages. Since this is the beginning of the pandemic there will be so many changes in the virus. Similar changes were seen in the early stages of the HIV virus before Corona.


This cannot be denied. In our country also a group of scientists is doing research in this direction. But one thing is certain, the virus which was earlier dangerous only in animals, how did it become so dangerous in humans. This certainly raises doubts that genetic engineering has taken place in the virus. However, this can be confirmed only after clearing the results of the research.