Salman Khan
on 31/03/15, 12:36 pm

Tips to take care of your teeth

- Brush your teeth twice a day for at least 2 to 3 minutes.
- Don't use a hard bristle toothbrush or poorly constructed one.
- Buy quality brand toothbrushes only.
- Make sure that your toothpaste has fluoride in it. It is very important for your teeth.
- Visit a dentist at least twice a year. Keep a check on your sugar intake. 

It is the primary reason for tooth decay.
- Avoid cigarettes and chewing tobacco.
- Avoid using toothpicks or sharp metal pins to clean in between your teeth. They injure your gums and may lead to tetanus.
- Floss! Although brushing your teeth helps, the bristles don't completely dislodge the plaque formed in between the teeth. Flossing does this effectively, and prevents gum diseases. Chewing gum is good for your oral health, as long as it is the sugar-free variety.