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The Reason for difference in time of healing is due to:


The Reason for difference in time of healing is due to:- varied tissues in different areas and
- The pressure applied on the pierced area during sleeping time.

Different body piercings have different after effects. For instance:
- Tongue piercings damage the taste buds a lot initially, but heal comparatively faster if the right kind of jewellery is used.
- In some cases nipple piercing numbs the sensation at the piercing site and can destroy the milk producing glands in a female which might pose problems if the woman decides to breast-feed her baby.
- Tight fitting clothes can infect piercing sites in the navel in the similar way.
- Patients with heart diseases, medically termed as endocarditis, which is a disease should avoid piercings as much as possible. The immune system is weaker in such cases and hence once their skin gets breached they stand greater chances of being attacked by germs from outside.

- Piercing of eye brows causes sagging of the skin due to the damage caused to the nerve and not just the vein of the skin.
- Oral piercing causes damage to the gum, wearing of the tooth enamel and chipping of the tooth, also numbness of the gums.
Varied as it might be the diversity of tattoos and piercings are considered by some as a part of the modern lifestyle or relationship or even as one might put it as social play. For gay men body piercing is considered as a symbol of self identification. For some it is considered as a means of non-conformity while for others it a style statement.