Salman Khan
on 01/09/16, 3:10 pm

The Only 5 Exercises You Need In Order To Get Stronger And Perform Better In Daily Life

Putting on muscle and getting stronger isn’t a daunting task if you keep things simple. There’s nothing better than functional compound movements when increasing strength is the goal. Not everything you do in the gym can necessarily be applied in everyday life. If you want to improve at daily activities, you have got to train like it. Here are the only 5 very basic workouts that will help you improve your stamina and efficiency in your daily activities.  

1. Squats 

Exercises You Need To Perform Better In Daily Life

The most potent muscle builder, squatting is basic human body movement. When done on a regular basis and with progressive overloading, squatting helps, not only in building stronger legs but also in putting on all-over size. You will be able to jump higher, run faster and notice increased agility and lesser lower back problems. Remember—form comes first and then comes weights!

2. Deadlifts 

Exercises You Need To Perform Better In Daily Life

Deadlifts is one exercise that works the maximum muscle groups at once. From core strength and stability to leg strength and working the upper and lower back, deadlift taps into everything. Of course, it burns fat as well. The better your deadlift gets, the better you will get at picking up everyday stuff.

3. Crawls

Exercises You Need To Perform Better In Daily Life

One exercise that will put your body’s overall strength and resistance to test is crawling. Crawling works the motor patterns of the CNS and teaches us better body control and stability. You will also come face to face with the voids in body strength.

4. Load Carries

Exercises You Need To Perform Better In Daily Life

Again, this is something the human body is built to do. There is no precise technique, just pick up weights and walk. That’s all you have got to do and you will be stronger, faster and your obliques will be thicker than ever. Traps, hips, legs and back, all of these areas work together to execute a successful load carry workout.   

5. Push-Ups

Exercises You Need To Perform Better In Daily Life

If you can bump a good number on the bench press but can’t bang out 50-100 push-ups on the chest day, you need to re-think your training. Push-up strength has been, still is and always will be, the epitome of human body strength. While the barbell can be a pain for the joints in the longer run, the push-ups are rather joint friendly.