Sanjay Dutt
on 22/02/18, 3:53 am

Strategy to score more than 90% marks in the 12th class board exam in 3 months only from cbse bord?

Here are some key points which i have learned from this article.

  1. You must have to score more marks than your previous exams and make yourself stronger with every unit test and pre-boards.
  1. Last 3 months plays an important role in deciding the final percentage of your board examination, so use these last 3 months in a very intelligent and logical way, by creating a proper time management and giving proper time to every subject.
  1. English is very easy subject but a very few student takes it seriously, it is advised in the given article that you should read the subject English At Least once in a weak.
  2. At very first complete your Course Books like NCERT (for CBSE board) this will help you to get an idea about the topics and important questions. After that you should read out the reference books.
  3. While preparing for board exam in last 3 months, maintain a notebook in which you should make the sort notes, and revise them each day while moving ahead with new topics. This will help you a lot to retain the previous topics you have read for a longer time.
  4. (BEST ONE) In last 3 months disconnect yourself from each and every social activity like facebook, whatsapp, friends, girlfriends etc :)
  5. Subjects like chemistry are scoring subjects, you must learn each and every topic clearly, you can easily score 100/100 in chemistry, so use these types of subject as a weapon. These subject will bring you the boost in overall percentage of yours.
  6. NOTE: Asking these types of questions in such sites not going to make you secure more than 90%. it is all your hard work and dedications towards preparation.
  7. Study at least 8 hours in a day and make it 10 hours on sunday, when there is only 3 months left for the board exams.
  8. Stop dreaming such percentage, work on it, like you never did.
  9. Take help of your friends and teachers as much as possible, teachers will make you more clearer about the exams and not the people like us (getting me).
  10. Try to improve your writing skills, the impressions of your answer sheet matters a lot to the eye of evaluator.