Priyanka Chopra
on 13/05/21, 7:00 am

Priyanka Chopra's Date Night Hairstyle Tip In 3 Easy Steps

At this time, most people are spending more time lying on the bed due to quarantine. However, among them all, actress Priyanka Chopra is seen preparing for Date Night at home.

Step-1 Wash your hair with shampoo the day before any major celebrations. By doing this, your hair will look healthy and shiny. Also, you can use any type of heating tool very easily on them. Wash hair with mild shampoo and apply conditioner. 
Step 2: Use dry shampoo on the same day. Apart from this, make sure to uplift the hair crown so that it shows thick hair. 
Step-3 After dry shampoo, apply a little hair cream on your hair to keep moisture in the hair. After this leave the hair open. Open hair suits well on any kind of dress. Now you are ready for date night with a perfect hairstyle.

Priyanka believes that you will look very beautiful with big earrings and red lipstick on the open hair. Let us tell you that Priyanka Chopra, who has made people crazy with her acting from Bollywood to Hollywood, is also a writer and recently she has also started her hair care line which is named Anomaly Haircare.