Amitabh Bachchan
on 20/03/18, 1:44 am

Pakistani girl Alishba breaks silence on alleged relationship with Shami

A lot has been said and talked about the Mohammad Shami, his wife Hasin Jahan and his alleged extramarital relationship with Pakistani girl Alishba. Mohammad Shami’s wife Alishba made several allegations on him. Apart from multiple extramarital affairs, she alleged that Shami and his family plotted her murder. She in fact said Shami wanted her to have physical relationships with his brother.

Now after all the allegations of Hasin Jahan and self-defence statements of Shami, the 3rd person in talks i.e. Alishba has come out for the first time and has talked about the matter. Speaking to ABP News, Alishba clarified about her relationship with Shami and their controversial meeting in Dubai. When asked if she met Shami in Dubai, she said-

“Yes, I met him”

Answering the question that how was she aware of the fact that Shami was flying to Dubai, she said-

“I am a frequent flyer to Dubai because my sister stays in Sharjah. As a person, I really like Shami. As any fan that has idolised a celebrity, they always dream of meeting their idol. I had the desire to meet him (Shami) like any other fan would want to, which I don’t think is a big deal.”

She further added –

“I respect him a lot as a person and we just became good friends…I came to know that he (Shami) was flying back home from South Africa via Dubai co-incidentally I was also travelling there going to my sisters’ place.”

Talking further, she told ABP-

“I am one of his followers, which is how I became Shami’s friend. Just like he has lakhs of followers, I am one among those normal fans. I have sent him messages…”

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