Varun Dhawan
on 23/06/21, 7:04 am

Now 40 cases of Delta Plus variant have been found across the country, Maharashtra has the highest number of cases.

The second wave of coronavirus in the country may have slowed down, but the increasing cases of the delta plus variant of the novel coronavirus are now raising concerns. The cases of the Delta Plus variant of Corona are increasing continuously in the country and according to the latest data, 40 cases of this variant have been registered in the country. 


According to government sources, 40 cases of the Delta Plus variant of Corona have been registered in the country and the maximum number of cases have been reported from Maharashtra. According to government sources, so far the Delta Plus variant has been confirmed in four states, which include Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. 


The Government of India says that there has been no significant increase in the Delta Plus variant in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Kerala. The Government of India said that instructions have been given to these states to increase surveillance. At the same time, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan wrote to the Chief Secretaries of the four states that wherever cases of Delta Plus variant have been found, they should take immediate steps to stop it. Apart from this, the government has clarified that the Delta Plus variant remains a matter of concern.