Akshay Kumar
on 10/03/18, 12:11 pm

How to try several foundations to your skin ?

Powder foundation

Remember that a powder foundation is meant to be minimal coverage but is perfect for those with oily skin. To know how to apply foundation, you need to use a powder puff and press it against your skin so the powder stays put longer.

Stick foundations

Stick foundations are all the rage right now. But while you use stick foundations, you need to make sure your stick is clean before you apply it. So gently use a tissue over it to get rid of any dirt. But to blend a stick foundation, you can either use your fingers or a flat foundation brush that can give you the best coverage ever.

Sheer foundation

Sheer foundation is meant to lend your skin a dewy look. This means as opposed to a full coverage foundation, this one’s weightless—almost like a tinted moisturiser. So it’s best to use the warmth of your fingers to blend this foundation. For a sheer foundation, use the Lakmé 9to5 Weightless Mousse Foundation on your skin.

Serum foundation

Serum foundations are beneficial for the skin and are hence, extremely lightweight. They’re meant to function as second skin. This is why you need to use a buffing brush for a product like this. It helps you buff the product into the skin to create an airbrushed effect. So if you want an even coverage, swirl the brush over your face to blend the foundation.

Full coverage liquid foundation

Liquid foundations that lend your skin full coverage are meant to hide imperfections in your skin. To ensure that you get the most of this coverage, use an egg shaped sponge that has a flat side. On areas where you need extra coverage, just dab the sponge against your skin so the foundation sits beautifully on your skin. For a medium to full coverage foundation, use the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Foundation.