Salman Khan
on 19/09/19, 8:48 am

How To Remove Wax-Coated From Apples

We have grown up hearing the popular adage, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. But when we often come across worrying news of the artificially added layer of wax (not the natural one) in apples (that can reportedly impact our colon, respiratory health and even cause certain infections), it naturally leaves us baffled. Those who are caught in this health dilemma, here is some news for you. Consumer affairs minister Ram Vilas Paswan was making a Russian salad when he asked his cook to wash the apples. They realised that the shiny apples that were bought from a posh Delhi market were actually covered in layers of wax.


Now talking about the process of how apples are prepped, normally the farmers or sellers put a layer of edible synthetic wax on apples to add back the protective layer that is lost while they are washed thoroughly to remove dirt and litter. The wax also helps to shine and enhance their look. Furthermore, it also helps to seal the moisture, thereby extending its life.

You’d be surprised to know that waxed apples look so fresh that even a year old apple looks the same as a fresh one. You should also know that there are some food grade waxes that are approved by FSSAI and are safe to consume. However, there is a possibility that your apples may have wax beyond the permissible limit. But if you feel that the apple peels are too slippery and waxy, it is always best to remove it before consuming it.