Ranbir kapoor
on 01/09/16, 2:01 pm

How To Effectively Deal With Anxiety Attacks

A panic attack is a feeling of acute anxiety. Sometimes a panic attack can last from 10 to 30 minutes. Some of the symptoms of panic attacks are shaking, nausea, hyperventilation, palpitation of heart, irregular heartbeats, breathlessness or choking, dizziness and sweating, to name a few. During panic attacks, some of us might lose control or feel that we are about to die, but these tips might help you deal with the stressful situation in an efficient way. Breathe in and out as slowly as can. Inhale deep breaths through your nose and exhale it gently through your mouth.

Try to divert your mind or distract yourself from the panic situation. Here are some tricks you can use: talk to a friend over the phone or someone who is around, counts numbers in the backward order, hum a song or anything that helps you calm down. 

Dealing With Anxiety Attacks

Whenever you think you are getting a panic attack, stay put where you are, do not move until the feeling of excessive stress subsides. You might get nervous and would want to run away from there, but try saying this in your mind that it is just a phase that will pass away.

It’s ok to feel scared when you suffer a panic attack, but don’t try to avoid that situation. Most of us have the fear of unknown, but if you confront it then you would realize that you can actually overcome that situation.

Dealing With Anxiety Attacks

Avoid caffeine, alcohol or smoking because they escalate the feeling of panic attacks.

During a panic attack, it’s important to relax your muscles. Some of the important muscles are mouth, jaw, arms, hands, stomach, thighs and feet. Relaxing your muscles would also help you to shift your focus from the stressful situation. 

Dealing With Anxiety Attacks

In a situation where you are over thinking too much and getting worried about the negative things that can happen to you, try convincing yourself about the positives of that situation. 

If you think nothing is working out and you are still feeling stressed, then imagine yourself in a soothing environment or at your favourite destination. You can even think of any childhood memory or a funny incident you were a part of, which makes you smile. 

Dealing With Anxiety Attacks

Once you overcome the panic attack, here are some tips you should follow to avoid those attacks or deal with stress overall.

First and foremost, identify the triggering factors that make you anxious and write them down in a notebook. This way you will know the key areas you need to work on. Exercise daily and eat a balanced diet. Sleep is important and make sure you get a sound sleep every night. If a situation troubles you, try to divert your mind. Listen to some music or do something you like and then come back to what you were doing. No matter how stressful the situation is, try to think of the positive aspects.