Bhim Prasad
on 15/07/18, 6:46 am

How to block someone on WhatsApp: Simple steps for all users

You might have been using WhatsApp for a long time now and if you think that a contact or an unknown number is bothering you and you are looking for an answer to 'how to block someone on WhatsApp', here is a step-by-step guide for Android as well as iOS users.

WhatsApp reportedly has around 2 billion users worldwide and the Facebook-owned app has indeed become one of the most popular instant messaging apps. That being said, while the main aim of WhatsApp was to help you connect with your friends and family, the app has now become a platform to share media as well as documents, as well.

On the other hand, while WhatsApp is a great service, anyone having your contact number can message you through the Facebook-owned app. So, if you ever think that one of your contacts or an unknown number is bothering you a lot and you just don’t want to receive any WhatsApp message or call from that number, WhatsApp offers you complete freedom to block or unblock any contacts or an unknown number both on Android and iOS devices.

 screen, go to Account > Privacy > Blocked

Step 4: Add New and choose any contact you wish to block from WhatsApp

How to block an unknown number on WhatsApp: If you want to block an unknown number on WhatsApp, then open the chat with that particular unknown contact and then tap on Block.

When you block someone on WhatsApp, messages and status updates from the blocked contact will never be delivered to you., while your last seen and online information on WhatsApp will no longer be visible to the contacts you have blocked. On the other hand, blocking someone will not remove his/her contact number from your contact list and in order to delete a contact, you will need to delete it from your smartphone’s address book.