Alia Bhatt
on 28/02/18, 1:21 am

Holi special 2018: Here’s how you throw a colourful party at home!

Holi, the festival of colours is ready to knock on your doors, and greet everyone with a splash of vibrant hue. This year Holi is falling on March 2 and today we tell you how to plan that perfect bash for your friends and family.

Check out the list of top 5 must-have items you can’t possibly miss on Holi. Plan your grand Holi bash this way and spread the joy of colours!


You need to have a stock of many colours while throwing a Holi bash. Get your hands on Gulaal (red colour) and various other organic ones too, as they smell nice and are also soft on your skin. Get set and go play Holi!


While people love to splash colours all over you there is one more thing which they want in abundance and that is perhaps—FOOD! So, all you party hosts out there, get lots and lots of sweets stacked up already. If you know how to make gujias, and rasgullas then it’s super cool—otherwise head to the best and nearest mithaiwallah for pre-bookings.


Who would not want to sing ‘Balam pichkari’ without a real one in hand? So, whether you find it childish or not, playing with a pichkari on Holi is a must. You can either buy some or ask for some on rent basis too. Let the festival spirit grip you hard!


We need Bollywood numbers, especially on festivals. So, dancing on your favourite ‘Rang Barse’ or ‘Holi Khele’ will keep you in full Holi mood. Make a list of special Holi numbers and you are good to go!

Party accessories

We have seen how parties and weddings these days are made more fun by adding that zingy factor. You can actually get hold of some cool accessories like oversize eye shades, moustaches and cool message boards to pose with. Your Holi clicks will rock your social networking timeline, for sure.