Neeraj Arora
on 13/03/18, 2:17 am

Here is your horoscope for March 13, 2018

Mercury retrograde passes the sun today, giving all signs an opportunity to see “big picture.” This is the type of day where things may all seem to come together, and projects and goals come to fruition. Added to that is a moon in Libra, giving all signs an opportunity to recalibrate their lives and find their own version of balance. It’s an important day, and, if you play your cards right, what you do now has important ramifications for the day ahead. Your daily horoscope for Tuesday, March 13.


Uranus makes you impatient, and on the warpath. Remember: Not everyone is on the same timeline as you. The more you can temper your impatience, the better today will be. Meanwhile, the moon gives you a boost in the early part of the day. Ride it to finish an important task or project.


While the Taurus moon later this afternoon anchors you and reminds you how many people have your back, Uranus makes you feel angry, impatient, and close to exploding. Deep breaths. It’s not you, it’s the planets. Pick your battles.


Warning: People in your life may be unreliable. Be prepared to be let down, but don’t immediately attack. Are you putting unreasonable expectations on others? Today is tough, but look forward to the weekend—things settle down if you can just buckle down without getting caught up in drama.


Family drama is on the forefront today, Caps. While you tend to lead from emotions, this is a good day to be analytical. Confronting people before you’re upset works to your advantage. Deep breaths. You’ve got this.


Today is a day to let go. That thing that’s been on your to-do list for months? Not getting done. The more you can let go of those extraneous “I should hav done this” tasks, the better. Also, the more you focus on cleaning up the clutter in your own life, the calmer you will feel.


Tension has been brewing, and a Mars-Uranus opposition brings everything to the surface. You’re analytical and like to take your time before you decide to confront someone, but a confrontation may arise. Don’t panic. You don’t need to rehearse the steps and script for it to go well. Just use empathy.


Mars and Uranus face off, and conflicts erupt. You’re proactive and may want to completely clear negative forces from your life, but proceed with caution. Some situations may be less black and white than you think.


You’re overloaded and exhausted, and these two components may cause you to snap. You’re feeling unappreciated, but that may come from the fact you’ve taken too much on. See what you can pare down.


Your social life is on fire today, but it may also feel a little off-kilter. Manic energy puts everyone on edge. Play things close to the belt. People may not be as loyal as you assume, so proceed with caution in what you reveal.


Impulsiveness rules the day, and not in a good way. Calm down, Caps. If you’ve made a mistake, it’s time to cop to it and listen to others. Criticism can make you stronger. You’re in the spotlight and your every move is being watched, whether you like it or not. Remembering that can help you avoid impulsivity.


The Mars-Uranus opposition urges you to let go of frustrations. There’s something in your past that you’ve been having trouble letting go. Make it a priority to do so today. Whether it’s unfriending, unfollowing, deleting someone from your phone or just moving on, it’s time.


A money misunderstanding may lead to major confusion and anger today. Before you confront anyone, get your ducks in a row and triple check your math. Yes, money is important but so are relationships. Make sure you don’t burn any bridges.