Bhim Prasad
on 27/11/17, 6:27 am

Google, Yahoo, Bing decided to block torrents site to defeat piracy

Seems like torrent websites will continue to struggle in 2017 as well. Last year, after the head of KickAss Torrents, was silently arrested for copyright infringement, several other torrent websites soon began to disappear from the internet. Although most of them are back and running now, they are yet again up for a behemoth challenge, this time from Google. As per the latest report, Google will soon ban torrent websites link from its search directory which will make it difficult for users to search for these websites.

As per a report, Google along with other similar search engines are working on an agreement with entertainment giants which would eventually drop all the torrent websites link from their search. The new move is set to be implemented by putting in a new code starting June 1, 2017. Google, as we know, is the most used search engine to get to all kinds of content over the internet. Various torrent websites play around with Google tactics to get to the search list which in turn helps them attract massive traffic onto their website.

The search engine has previously blocked some of the websites before but it barely helped as these websites would then change their domain name to fly out back on the web. As a result, the search engine giant ends up with unlimited copyright infringement requests from both individuals and firms.

But will this help? Note that Google can just take down the website’s link from its search directory and not the entire website. Users would still be able to search their favourite torrent websites by entering in the respective URLs. On the other hand, the new entrants or the websites which entirely depend on Google Search results would be affected the most. Torrent websites have been a headache for content creators for quite some time now and Google might have just the right solution for some of them at least for the time being.