Priya Rajput
on 26/06/20, 1:50 pm

Coronavirus Latest update: India Crosses 5 Lakh COVID Cases, Over 5,000 Cases In A Day In Maharashtra

India's aggregate of coronavirus cases crossed the five lakh-blemish on Friday after the nation detailed its most elevated single-day spike of more than 17,000 cases. Maharashtra, the most noticeably terrible hit state, with more than 5,000 new cases, arrived at a total of 1,52,765, while West Bengal and Tamil Nadu additionally detailed their greatest single day COVID-19 numbers. The general demise check today moved to 15,301 with 407 new fatalities. This was the seventh day straight that India enlisted more than 14,000 cases. India is just behind US, Brazil and Russia. 

In a disturbing pace of increment, India's coronavirus count crossed 5 lakh cases on Friday. The hop from 4 lakh cases to 5 lakh cases includes come inside six days. 

Coronavirus cases have crossed the 5,00,000 limit after new numbers from Maharashtra and different states came in today evening. The official number of all out coronavirus cases, be that as it may, stays at 4.90 lakh as the Service of Wellbeing's information dashboard is refreshed in the first part of the day. 

In its latest update on Friday morning, the Association wellbeing service set the absolute number of coronavirus cases in India at 4,90,401 and the loss of life at 15,301. 

Including numbers discharged by the three most exceedingly awful hit states - Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu, India's coronavirus count crosses the 5 lakh-mark. 

The most recent advancement came as Maharashtra recorded more than 5,000 cases, the most noteworthy day by day hop in coronavirus cases today. Maharashtra, on Friday, revealed an expansion of 5,024 cases. Maharashtra penetrated another edge as the all out number of cases crossed the 1.5-lakh mark and remained at 1,52,765. 

Additionally, Delhi announced 3,460 cases while Tamil Nadu saw 3,645 cases. The complete number of coronavirus cases in the two states remained at 77,240 and 70,977 separately. 

By including only these three expresses, India's all out number of coronavirus cases remained at 5,02,530. 

The most noteworthy single-day flood in Covid-19 cases went past 17,000 on Friday, pushing India's' count to 4,90,401, while the loss of life moved to 15,301 with 407 new fatalities, as per the Association Wellbeing Service information. 

Refreshed at 8 am, the information demonstrated the day by day Covid-19 cases expanded by the most noteworthy ever 17,296 cases. 

India enlisted more than 14,000 cases for the seventh day straight and saw a flood of 2,99,866 diseases from June 1 till 26.