Salman Khan
on 12/07/18, 8:35 am

Caught-on-camera:- Here's what happened when Salman's fans heckled Katrina

A video of Katrina Kaif being irritated by fans after a live execution as a major aspect of the continuous Dabanng Visit in the US and Canada has been shared on the web. Katrina can be seen leaving a setting when she is verbally manhandled by fans who came to get a look at the Bollywood performers that are participating in the show. 

The moment long video indicates Katrina strolling towards her auto, encompassed by security, when a lady shouts at her for not taking selfies. The lady (off-screen) ridicules Katrina and says she supposes excessively of herself to cooperate with fans who've held up so long to meet her.


Katrina stops in her tracks and pivots. "Ma'am, if you don't mind quiet down," she says, as her security detail endeavors to chill the circumstance off. They frame a boundary amongst Katrina and the lady, who has all the earmarks of being joined by a few others in her challenge. 

Be that as it may, before things could deteriorate, Katrina starts taking selfies with different fans, looking balanced before the camera. In the interim, the lady continues provoking her. The video closes with the lady saying that they're here "for Salman Khan. Just for Salman Khan!" Other individuals could be heard commending Katrina for how she took care of the circumstance and her effortlessness. 

Other than Katrina, whom Salman alluded to as his 'infant' in an ongoing press association, he is joined by Daisy Shah, Maneish Paul, Master Randhawa, Prabhudeva and Sonakshi Sinha on the visit. 

A DNA report theorized that Katrina is being paid liberally for the visit. "Katrina is clearly the greatest star from the parcel, after Salman. Besides, she's a breathtaking artist. Her last solo act will astound everybody. She's being paid around Rs 12 cr for the entire visit (eight shows) while Jacqueline and Sonakshi are both getting somewhere close to Rs 6 cr to Rs 8 cr. Yet, Jackie's compensation is somewhat higher than that of Sona," the report cited a source as saying.