Akshay Kumar
on 10/03/18, 11:49 am

Can you avoid overeating ? Here are the ways.

1. Balance out your meals

Instead of having three huge meals throughout the day, have little meals scattered at every 2 or three hours. This will keep you full and satisfied and even trick your mind into believing that you are eating lots and well.

2. Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. Skipping breakfast is practically setting yourself up for starvation or overeating the entire day. Make sure your breakfast is heavy, including proteins, fats, nutrients and vitamins.

3. Eat real food

With real food, we mean raw food. Fruits, vegetables, oats, cereals, eggs, meat and wheat are obviously the best of food you can have. Avoid biscuits or snacks or packaged food no matter how healthy it claims to be.

4. Stop eating once you feel satisfied

Your mind might trick you into taking more food even if you are full if the taste is really good. Don't eat till the last point of your hunger is rubbed away, in fact stop a little before your tummy is completely full to ensure you eat only how much you need.

5. Get enough sleep

Sleeping reduces craving and normalizes fat inducing hormones. Also, the time spent sleeping is the time spent not eating. So make sure you get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night because that is beneficial to your general health too.

6. Take care of the stress

One of the major causes of overeating is also stress so make sure that you are as destressed as possible. Ways of doing this are meditation, sports, certain hobbies that you may pursue and other distractions.

7. Exercise

You don't need to join a gym to stay fit or exercise. Doing 15 minutes of basic workout at home also helps a lot. You can incorporate exercises inyour daily life by using the stairs daily or simply tucking your stomach in as you sit or stand.

8. Use smaller sized plates

Eat in plates which are small in size and make sure your helpings are also small. This will ensure that you eat less without feeling like you haven't eaten enough. The larger the plate, the more you'll take and the more you'll end up eating eventually.

9. Order small portions at restaurants

Instead of going for full course meals or large entrees, first order little food. Eat that and order some more only if you feel like it. If you order a lot at once, you will feel the compulsion to eat it all even if you may not be that hungry.

10. Never skip meals

Apart from strictly not missing your breakfast, make sure you also don't skip other meals. Try not to delay them as well. Starvation leads to even more problems with the stomach and may just end up making you eat more than you ever intended to.