Alia Bhatt
on 11/05/20, 8:19 am

Actress Poonam Pandey arrested for violating lockdown rules!

Model and entertainer Poonam Pandey, who is known for sharing her awkward photographs via web-based networking media and much raunchier jobs in films, was reserved by the Mumbai Police the previous evening. Apparently Pandey disregarded the Coronavirus lockdown runs and was caught in the act at Mumbai's Marine Drive, alongside her companion Sam Ahamad Bombay, a movie producer. The couple was taking a drive with no substantial explanation or license. They were inevitably halted at one of the nakabandis and a body of evidence against the two was enrolled under segments of the Indian Correctional Code. 


According to Mumbai Mirror, it is area 188 (rebellion to arrange appropriately proclaimed by community worker) and segment 269 (careless act prone to spread contamination of malady risky to life). And keeping in mind that Poonam Pandey and her companion were given up, later on, her vehicle was appropriated by the Mumbai Police. The report includes that Poonam and Sam were offered authorization to leave the police headquarters simply after intensive examination and they had voyage right from Bandra to Marine Drive. 

A police official uncovered to ANI, "A case under the National Calamity The executives Demonstration has been enrolled against Poonam Shobnath Pandey at 8 PM by Marine Drive Police headquarters. Her vehicle has likewise been seized by the police"