Salman Khan
on 14/03/16, 3:39 am

8 Signs To Identify That You Are Over-Training At The Gym

It’s great to be fitness freak, after all it’s about your body and how to keep it fit and sexy. But remember sometimes your excitement about that brand new equipment at the gym can be torturous for your body and you might end up unintentionally harming yourself.

We tend to not really care much when our gym trainer tells us that don’t strain your body much, begin with only 10 reps of barbell and then raise your limit. But the fact is that you must listen because that’s why he is a gym trainer and he knows better. So stop hurting yourself. So here are some signs that you can consider while working out in order to restrict yourself from overdoing it.

1. Do You Feel Short Of Breath?

It is fine to feel out of breath while working out but if you take a short break and feel that your heart is still panting and you just can’t breathe, this means you need to stop and don’t push yourself more.


2. Sudden Chest Pain

Feeling pain in the chest while working out isn’t something you should ignore. If you experience a burning sensation in your chest during a workout or feel like a pin being pricked on your chest, stop working out.


3. Sore Joints

Feeling soreness in joints and muscles after a workout is a good sign since it means that your body is adapting to the change and working towards your fitness goal. But if this soreness deepens and affects your daily functions, it means your body needs rest.


4. You Suffer From Mood Swings

If you thought that over training only results in physical problems you are wrong, it also affects your mental health. Chances are you might end up feeling irritated, and totally off track throughout the day.

5. Irregular Sleep Pattern

Who doesn’t love to sleep? It’s one pleasure of our life but when something fiddles our sleep or causes insomnia, we can’t tolerate it. And when that ‘something’ is your love to over work your body at the gym, then you need to stop right there.


6. When All You Want To Be Is A Couch Potato

Exercising usually lifts your mood, you feel fresh and good about yourself. But when you over work, your body you end up being sluggish and lazy. It is that moment when you literally push yourself for work because your body just doesn’t move


7. When You Feel Constantly Dehydrated

Not literally though, but when you over work your body you tend to feel thirsty almost all the time. No matter how much water you drink, you still feel thirsty. I am sure you would not want to spend your days in the toilet. So don’t stress much and keep yourself hydrated.


8. Lack Of Motivation

Going to the gym religiously for one whole month and then suddenly you don’t feel like going. While you blame your lack of dedication for it, but in reality it means your body needs a break. Does rejuvenation sound familiar to you? Then go for it. Give yourself a week’s break and come back with a bang. 


It’s not necessary that you will face problems only after training too much; sometimes problems also occur when you do not perform exercises properly. So before doing exercises especially squats, ones with barbells or ones that include cable, make sure that you have consulted your gym trainer on how to perform it correctly. Lest you will end up hurting yourself!

So now that you know the signs of over training, unlearn everything else and start afresh to achieve a healthier you.