Bhim Prasad
on 27/12/18, 5:36 am

5 WhatsApp Upcoming FEATURES Make Life Easier For All Users...

WhatsApp, for most people, is not merely an application anymore but a lifeline for communication purposes. And with Whatsapp launching new features launching every month, we wonder whether there is anything left that the Facebook-owned messaging app cannot do for us. From WhatsApp business to WhatsApp dark mode and most recently the WhatsApp PiP mode, the application is becoming more user-friendly with each new update. 

WhatsApp is going to launch another set of features which have already been unveiled for the beta testing program but are still awaited by the intended end users. Once WhatsApp officially launches these tools, users can start using them by updating the app from the play store to the latest version.

5 Upcoming WhatsApp features

1. WhatsApp PiP Mode: The Picture-in-Picture mode lets you watch youtube, Facebook or any third party app videos on WhatsApp itself that means users no longer have to exit the app to watch the received video links.

2. Group Video Call 'everyone in a single go': Users can make a group video call directly by opening the group chat and tapping into the video call option. 

3. Changed Emoji layout: WhatsApp has made minor changes to its emoji tray by either changing the size or making the 357 emojis look better.

4. Search Stickers according to your mood: Users can now search emoji for a particular mood by opening the emoji tray and tapping onto the search button provided on the left side below.

5. Multi-share update: Users can share pictures with multiple people without getting the tag of the forwarded message.