Alia Bhatt
on 13/05/17, 3:47 am

5 Signs You're Not In Love With Your Girlfriend Anymore

Love is one strange thing – happens when you're least expecting it, leaves you when you need it the most. It's almost as if it has a will of its own. No matter how much you may want to hold on, love that has to die dies anyway. No matter how much you cling on to it, it'll still slip away if it has to. And that's why they say, not every love is forever. Sometimes, we spend years trying to ‘ma​​​​ke it work', clenching on to the remains of the love that once was, hoping everything will be the same again. Falling out of love happens to the best of us and the least we can do for our partners is to be honest about our emotional absence and let them go.

3. The idea of meeting them doesn't excite you anymore, even if it's after a long time and we're talking months here. You don't feel the urge to see them anymore. Gone are those days when you'd take the train even on a rainy day just to meet her over a cup of coffee and talk to her about anything and everything under the sun. Now, you're always secretly hoping the date gets cancelled because you'd much rather be doing something you really enjoy.

4. Even when you do go out on dates, the silences become awkward and the conversations, mundane. There's always some place you'd much rather be.

The emptiness is so haunting, it's almost like the both of you can see it – this impermeable void that has found a place on the table. Every time you go out on a date, you walk back home with a bad aftertaste, the reality of a lost battle staring at you right in the face.

Signs You're Not In Love With Your Girlfriend Anymore

5. Remember how you did all you could to make her smile when she was upset about something? You've kinda forgotten what it felt like to be that concerned. Arguments and fights are often left unresolved now. You're not in a hurry to mend things anymore. You're fed up of trying to make it work, so you just let things be; you don't ask her if she's fine anymore, you don't try to cheer her up, you ‘give her space', you let her cry to sleep, because putting in more efforts just sounds like an ordeal now.