Salman Khan
on 14/04/16, 5:46 am

5 Fitness Gadgets You Think Are Necessary But Are Actually Useless

A person for whom fitness is a lifestyle and not a weekend recreation will know that the existing fitness gadgets are of very little, to no use at all. The irony is that the people who need them the least, wear them the most. How hard is it to understand that fit bands, calorie counters and heart-rate monitors will not make you fit! Here are 5 fitness gadgets that you think are cool but are actually of no use.  

1) Fit Bands And Step Counters


Fit Bands are all the rage right now. Every fat person is sporting one and takes pride in saying that he is counting his steps. Trust me, counting steps and calories burned is of no use if you see the gym not more than thrice a week and Fridays are your religious cheat days. Multiple studies have doubted the accuracy of calorie and steps counters. The errors on these can be as high as 18% as certain activities don’t get tracked like others.  

2) Heart-Rate Monitors


HRMs are used by ‘elite athletes’ to rate their levels of physical preparedness to fine-tune their approach towards their training. Now go back and read ‘elite athletes’ twice. Exactly; it’s not for treadmill monkeys who run endlessly or workout just once a week. Some pseudo gym-heads usually use the HRMs as a means to self-justify not training hard. Oh, look my HRM says I shouldn’t go hard. Man, STFU!  

3) Fitness Apps


If you are into fitness, you will agree that fitness apps are utter bullshit. They’ll do everything for you, namely, wake you up, ‘apparently’ motivate you, remind you to drink water and even count your deep sleep. Apart from the discrepancies in the data they collect and report, just think what are you doing for yourself? What are you doing if the app is doing everything, right from waking you up to reminding you to eat? Fitness is just as much being self-reliant and disciplined as it is about moving your body.

4) Smartphones With Built-In Fitness Features 


Oh, let me strap my phone around my bicep. It has a feature that will record by metrics while I workout. How in the name of hell can you workout with a gadget strapped on to you? This smartphone fitness culture has actually dumbed down an entire generation. It’s your focus, passion and will to change that should drive your workout. Not the fake tweets and Facebook updates about how you worked off your ass in an air-conditioned gym.     

5) Oxygen Deprivation Masks 


The latest gym fad is something that prevents you from breathing. Yes, the oxygen deprivation masks.  Blame it on fitness motivation videos, gym-rats who literally have no idea about their applications have started using them. Little do they know that oxygen deprivation masks can damage the cardiovascular system and actual breathing mechanics! The researches on it are spotty and even athletes refrain from using these. So why the f**k do YOU not want to breath properly after completing your puny workout?