Ranbir kapoor
on 26/01/17, 3:07 am

31 Days Of Fitness: From Skinny To Shredded & Acting With Randeep Hooda, The Story Of Daman Singh Is Truly Inspiring

Most transformation stories start with a sad theme. An obesity ridden childhood or mostly a victim of body shaming, I faced none of these.  Mine is a simple story of a guy who used to play team sports since childhood but all outdoor activities came to a halt when engineering college started. Most of my schoolmates from the neighborhood either shifted to colleges in different cities or were simply too pre-occupied with academics. Physical activities were now officially dead for me.  With nobody to play with anymore, I befriended the iron. Dumbbells and barbells were my very first friends. Here`s a picture of me in my first year of engineering college i.e. Jan 2010.

The process of gymming and dieting didn’t really start with full fervor in 2010. But nonetheless, it was a foundational year for me. Till 2013, it wasn’t all that serious. I already had my studies to cope with. Neither was I training hard enough nor was my diet on point. I started running for a few months after but it became incredibly monotonous. 


The first gym I joined was an open akhada type of gym which had just free weights and no machines. The best thing about that gym was that the coach there would teach the exercises from Arnold Schwargenneger`s ‘New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding', which I already read. Soon, I started seeing changes in my body and got hooked. My structure was changing now and I could see that with my naked eyes. This hit me like an addiction, an addiction to lifting weights. I have started looking deeper into muscle building and training plans by talking to guys stronger and bigger than me. I went to everybody- from the internet to public libraries and even to local bodybuilders in my spare time. Not to mention buying more books on Exercise Science and attending fitness seminars by saving my pocket money. Hell, I was so into it that I was reading more about bodybuilding and less about engineering.


From here on, the gym became an integral part of my life. Studies continued and brought with it the stress of exams and such. Hence, I wasn’t seeing the gym for weeks or even months, on end. After graduating, I worked for two engineering companies but my heart was not in. I wasn’t happy.  I resigned both times and finally got into studying fitness and started working at a gym as general trainer. Resigning from the job wasn`t easy and was met with resistance from my parents but soon, they became supportive. I also started competing at local strength based competitions but the best came in July 2015. I competed at the Jerai Strongman Competition in the below 80kg Category and placed 4th in it. Here`s a picture from the competition that went viral.

Bollywood Came Knocking 

I never expected what happened next. Bollywood came calling. Yes, Bollywood!  You guys will soon see me soon see me in a Bollywood movie as one of the 21 Sikh Soldiers of The British Indian Army who fought against a force of 10,000 Afghans in the epic Battle Of Saragarhi with Randeep Hooda as the lead.

31 Days Of Fitness: The Story Of Daman Singh Is Inspiring And Exciting