Raftaar Singh
on 12/06/21, 6:38 am

It doesn't matter if the elderly die, children should have got the vaccine, Rajasthan minister's statement

There is a fear of the corona epidemic in the country on one hand and on the other hand, the words of politicians are spreading an atmosphere of confusion among the people. During the Corona period, many politicians made headlines by making strange statements related to the epidemic. Now the name of Rajasthan's Water and Energy Minister BD Kalla has been included in this list. 

BD Kalla, a minister present in the Rajasthan government, has shared a different knowledge about vaccination. Minister BD Kalla said that do you know who gets the vaccine. To date, any children have got any vaccine in our country, where do the elderly get the vaccine?


He further said that even in corona, children should be vaccinated first because it is necessary for children to survive. BD Kalla said that the Modi government started administering the corona vaccine to the elderly. The minister further said that I myself have heard the elders saying that we have become 80-85 years old anyway, even if we die of the corona, it does not matter but it is necessary to save the children, so the children should be vaccinated first. 


Not only this, but Minister BD Kalla also attacked the vaccination policy of the Modi government. He said that the vaccine policy of PM Modi is wrong, if the vaccine comes, then children should be given first, but the Modi government did not do so, due to which the problem increased so much.