Raftaar Singh
on 06/12/15, 5:08 am

Foods that Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism basically refers to how fast our body burns the calories that we consume each day. Though our metabolism is partly ruled by our genetics and other factors we can’t change much, with a little knowledge and eating the right foods, we can take a step closer and help in increasing our body’s fat-burning power just by consuming the given foods. Foods that Boost Your Metabolism are:

Drinking Water

Water is known to be a natural appetite suppressant that helps in increasing our body’s metabolism by 30% after drinking it. It is highly helpful in staying hydrated for our workouts and keeps metabolism high by drinking some 6 glasses a day.


Grapefruit has unique chemical properties that, in its study of  previous 30 years have shown that it promotes weight loss.  This citrus fruit, help in reduction of insulin levels which ultimately promotes weight loss, reason being its high in Vitamin C composition . However, we must remember that grapefruit sometimes interacts with medications, so before we add it to our diet we must consult with our doctors.


Oatmeal is a fat-soluble fibre that fills up one quickly and helps by giving a considerable amount of energy for working out. It also lowers cholesterol and is quite high in nutrients.


Broccoli is high in the vitamin C that our bodies are in dire need of to effectively absorb the calcium that we consume. It is known that calcium aids in weight loss. So broccoli, having phytochemicals boosts our immunity and protects against any disease, this while also being low in calories.

Green Tea:

Green tea has multiple benefits like it boosts metabolism, has fabulous antioxidants and even might help in preventing some forms of cancer. Besides, it is also famous for being a mood enhancer, which is useful since it is helps to get into the mood for a much required fat-burning workout.

Hot Peppers
Hot Peppers:

Hot peppers speed up our metabolism and also causes us to burn more calories while releasing the chemical called Capsaicin that is also found in cayenne and jalapeno peppers into our system.Responding to this, our body releases stress hormones temporarily and these speed up our metabolism. So even as our body copes with the spicy food, we burn calories at the same time.

Low fat Dairy:

These are high in calcium that is needed for burning fat and weight loss. It is essentially high in nutrients and ideal for a healthy and digestive tract.

Lean Meats:

Lean Meats are amazing sources of protein. Though they take much longer to digest than fruits and vegetables, They also provide more energy for exercise, so we get twice the metabolism benefit from one food item.

High Fibre Foods:

High fibre foods include like beans, fruits, whole grains and vegetables which help in keeping insulin levels steady and help the body prevent the fat storage that then leads to weight gain. When some metabolism supplements speed up metabolism, they might not be as healthy as the metabolism boosting foods that are found in nature, we only need to look. These foods can contain animal thyroid that might have unhealthy side effects like nervousness, diarrhoea, tremors, increased heart rate, sweating and eyes to bulge. Be sure to consult your physician before taking any kind of medication.

Most experts will unanimously agree that a diet which is high in fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains which needs to be accompanied by healthy exercise helps in stabilising our metabolism. This is why the above few foods have been recommended to you which you can start consuming after your doctor has given you approval, in case of any difficulties later.