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on 19/02/17, 8:57 am

Do you know how to trim your moustache?

  1. Find a place to trim your moustache that has good lighting and have a bowl of water, a towel and your trimming equipment with you.
  2. Wash your moustache with a little shampoo and warm water.
  3. Comb your moustache using a small fine tooth comb to detangle any knots that could prevent you from getting a smooth cut.
  4. Trim your moustache along the line closest to your lip with a small pair of┬ámoustache┬átrimming scissors. Follow the line of your lip so you donÔÇÖt create any jagged, uneven edges. The hairs should just reach the top of your lip and not be overhanging.
  5. Thin out any bulk by running your scissors through the specified section.
  6. Now it is time to trim the top of your moustache (the line furthest away from your lip, but closest to your nose) and the sides of your moustache.
  7. Comb your moustache through again to check the for an even length.