on 19/02/17, 9:02 am

Do you know how to shave your moustache?

Just like when shaving anywhere else on your body, there are different methods of shaving a moustache, and every guy has his own different preference. When it comes to shaving, you can use a traditional electric razor, a cartridge or safety razor, or a straight razor. The decision of what you use should be dependant on your shaving skills, confidence with style and how you want your moustache to look.

  • Electric Razors:  These are used to tackle short stubble rather than longer hairs. Rotary electric razors require small circular movements to get the best result, whereas a foil electric razor needs straight strokes to get a good finish.
  • Cartridge or Safety Razors: Like electric razors, cartridge or safety options are designed to cut short hair, so you may need to trim first with a small sharp pair of scissors. They are called safety razors for a reason, they have a bonded shaving system, that reduces the risk of cuts. This is ideal for shaving a moustache as the lip is a very sensitive area and cutting it can hurt (a lot – yikes).
  • Straight Razors: Unlike the two razors mentioned above, straight razors can handily cut through hair regardless of its length, and are great for long moustaches. They take a lot more skill on behalf of the shaver, due to the fact that the razor moves in straight lines, so it is easier to cut yourself. If you’re clumsy it’s best to avoid this one.