From voice assistants to photography, a look at how AI empowers your smartphone

A number of smartphone features, like voice assistants, photography, and face recognition, are powered by AI, which is increasingly present in mobile applications and has even sparked the creation of specific AI chips.

Many of your phone’s features are really supported by AI, even if you might not instantly realise it. Even when you are not using your phone, technology is working in the background on it, managing several jobs all the time.

In addition to helping you take clear photographs, identify music, and understand other languages, it analyses your phone’s usage to get the most battery life possible. Up until recently, AI was only used in pricey technology that was heavily cutting-edge technologies But as AI has grown to be a crucial component of mobile applications, chipmakers have felt compelled to create AI processors specifically for machine learning and deep learning activities to enable quicker processing. Here is a look at the numerous applications of AI in smartphones thus far.

Voice assistants on smartphones with AI

You can use at least one of the most popular voice assistants available right now—Google Assistant, Siri, and Bixby—on any smartphone. These voice assistants use AI even for their most basic operations. According to a study, the “Hey Siri” detector, for instance, employs a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to transform the acoustic pattern of your voice into a “probability distribution over speech sounds.”

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