Cristiano Ronaldo scores four goals, Al Nasr reaches his 500th goal for the club

Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals for Al Nasr in the Saudi Pro League on Thursday, reaching the club’s career milestone of 500 goals. The Portuguese international, who celebrated his 38th birthday on Sunday, scored his four goals in half an hour against hosts Al He Veda and led his side to his 4-0 win.

I was Against Al Weda on Thursday, he won with incredible ease. He ran down his left channel and fired a fatal left shot over the keeper to start his scoring. A simple back foot and a shot from the keeper’s foot made him 2-0. His hat-trick – the 61st of his career – came from a penalty awarded by a mysterious handball. And his fourth was somehow easier. Ronaldo has scored 503 league goals for his five clubs in five different top divisions. He has scored 103 times for Manchester United, 311 times for Real Madrid, 81 times for Juventus, 3 times for Sporting Lisbon and 5 times for Al Nasr.

On Instagram, Ronaldo said he felt good after achieving the feat and reaching the landmark. I feel like!” The five-time Ballon d’Or winner signed Al Nasr on a two-and-a-half-year deal in December after a falling out with Manchester United, reportedly worth more than $216.54 million, to join the team. Al-Nasr is in the lead after 16 games, level with second-placed Al-Shabaab on 37 points. Praise from Pirlo Chelsea’s Joao Felix was asked about Ronaldo’s move to Saudi Arabia: “There was nothing left for him to win in Europe. He wrote his name in the history books and now he will write his name in the history books of Saudi Arabia,” said Ronaldo’s Portuguese teammate.

Andrea Pirlo also praised the Portuguese icon. Pirlo, who coached Ronaldo at Juventus from August 2020 to May 2021, said Ronaldo’s relentless pursuit of perfection was something young people should emulate. He said he was surprised by what happened between the superstars and United. “It was easy to work with him. Maybe he had problems with another team, but it was a good experience for me,” the former Italian footballer told the Daily Mail. Told.

Ronaldo has been sacked by United after giving an interview in which he lamented his treatment from the club. “I think Ronaldo has been waiting a long time to do this interview. He prepared everything in advance,” Pirlo previously told the Italian sports website. Arsenal’s Martin Odegaard also has good things to say about his former Real Madrid teammate. Audegaard moved from Norway to the Spanish capital when he was sixteen. “He took special care of me,” Odegaard said.

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