Live Scores

England tour of India 2016-17

1st Test, Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, India trail by 218 runs

108.3 Overs
159.3 Overs


Alastair Cooklbw b R Jadeja214720
Haseeb Hameedlbw b Ashwin318260
Joe Rootc & b Umesh124180111
Ben Duckettc A Rahane b Ashwin131730
Moeen Alib Shami117213130
Ben Stokesc W Saha b Umesh128235132
Jonny Bairstowc W Saha b Shami465752
Chris Woakesc W Saha b R Jadeja4810
Adil Rashidc Umesh b R Jadeja52010
Zafar Ansarilbw b A Mishra328330
Stuart Broadnot out61600
Mohammed Shami28.1565200
Umesh Yadav31.53112200
Ravichandran Ashwin463167200
Ravindra Jadeja30486310
Amit Mishra23.3398100


Murali Vijayc Haseeb Hameed b Adil Rashid12630194
Gautam Gambhirlbw b Broad297240
Cheteshwar Pujarac Cook b Stokes124206170
Virat Kohlibatting267030
Amit Mishrac Haseeb Hameed b Zafar Ansari0200
Stuart Broad20754100
Chris Woakes23539001
Moeen Ali22670000
Zafar Ansari17.3157100
Adil Rashid16147100
Ben Stokes10139100


Pujara: "It is a great achievement. Especially for the people who came out to watch the first ever Test match at Rajkot. It's a great feeling to score a hundred. I have been batting well from the New Zealand series, I just wanted to continue. I know the pitch very well here and wanted to play my natural game. Initially they wanted wickets, knowing this wicket I kept playing my shots. I had to watch the [short] ball[s] carefully. When you play international cricket, you expect to get hit, but you need to stay calm. I play the bouncer well, but it was a couple of occasions that I misjudged the ball. The communication was really good with Vijay. We just wanted to rotate the strike and keep batting. We have a decent total on the board, two down would have been really good. Still Virat and Jinks [Rahane] are there. Ashwin and Wriddhiman both can bat. We have a good lower order and they have been contributing. I was hit on my back leg and felt it was a little high and thanks to the DRS I survived."
Nevertheless it was a day that belonged to the twin tons. Classical in every aspect, they matched each other for beauty, stroke by stroke. A special feeling at the end of the day to have bagged the record of notching up a century in the first match ever held in your hometown. So, with 218 runs still needed to wash off the trail and then another two innings required to force a result, only a miracle can inject some life into this Test. Irrespective of that, we would be right here bringing the entire coverage up and early at 09:00 local time. Until then, ta ta!!
Stumps, day 3: In what should have been one with the Indian stamp all over it, the English ensured that with the final few moments of the day they get it back in the balance. What looked like a two wicket day, in the span of four deliveries has racked up a couple more. The two specialists, Vijay and Pujara took special liking to the spinners. While one of them used his feet to manoeuvre the ball in the gaps and the other caressing his trademark cover drives, they almost succeeded in ensuring that their side went back home happy today. And that is precisely why this format still holds the aces. The wicket however still seems a good one, one with minimal deterioration over the last three days, the next two do not promise anything different.
Over: 108.3
Zafar Ansari to Mishra, out Caught by Haseeb Hameed!! Two wickets in the final few minutes of the day. India slump from 318/2 to 319/4. Hameed redeems himself with a sharp one. The extra climb once again doing the trick and it eats up the nightwatchman. Fires it in quick and the ball perhaps takes one of those cheeky little cracks and flies off Mishra's inside edge in some strange hard handed defence to short leg again. The umpires decide to end the fun and knock off the bails off their groove. Stumps it is. Mishra c Haseeb Hameed b Zafar Ansari 0(2)
Zafar Ansari to Mishra, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!
Over: 108.2
Zafar Ansari to Mishra, no run, lunges forward and smothers the turn on the wicket
Over: 108.1
Zafar Ansari to Kohli, 1 run, short, wide and ripping away, cut hard through sweeper cover
Zafar Ansari [17.0-1-56-0] is back into the attack
Amit Mishra, right handed bat, comes to the crease
Over: 107.6
Adil Rashid to Vijay, out Caught by Haseeb Hameed!! Adil Rashid you beauty! Under-utilized all through the day and he strikes in his final burst. Gets the Monk, who finally loses his concentration and gets out of his serenity. A sharp wrong 'un on the thighs and forces Vijay to have a nudge at it, who doesn't manage to keep it down. Doesn't even drop his wrists to reduce the pace on this one. The result - a tired dismissal to short leg. England claw back in the final few minutes. Vijay c Haseeb Hameed b Adil Rashid 126(301) [4s-9 6s-4]
Adil Rashid to Vijay, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!
Over: 107.5
Adil Rashid to Kohli, 1 run, the very Kohli wristy half-drive, half-slap. Down to long-off and Vijay doesn't have the legs in him to return
Over: 107.4
Adil Rashid to Kohli, no run, and now he gets forward, just doesn't let the ball show its tricks as he gets right to the pitch of it and dead bats
Over: 107.3
Adil Rashid to Kohli, no run, and now comes on the toppie? Off the front of the hand and Kohli picks it right off the palms and stays deep inside to defend off the straight stance
Over: 107.2
Adil Rashid to Kohli, no run, the teasing guile outside off with the break going away, Kohli doesn't bother
Over: 107.1
Adil Rashid to Kohli, no run, slow turn off the shorter side outside off, Kohli uses all of it and steers it to point
One final burst for Rashid. Eight minutes to go..
Over: 106.6
Woakes to Vijay, no run, on a length closer to off, defended from the crease
Over: 106.5
Woakes to Kohli, 1 run, Root takes on a cramping Vijay, a tiring seven houred Vijay and decides to have a shy at the stumps at the non-striker's end from mid-on after Kohli flicks it to him. And in the end the cheek concedes an overthrow thanks to nobody backing up
Over: 106.4
Woakes to Kohli, no run, the in-nipper now, scissoring back in sharply. Starts from well outside the line of off and Kohli greets it with another leave after lining up neatly to cover the sticks
Over: 106.3
Woakes to Kohli, no run, more on the shorter side. Stands tall does Kohli getting well behind the line of the delivery and blocks it out solidly
Over: 106.2
Woakes to Kohli, no run, and now comes the chin music. Just that the line was well outside off to warrant a stroke from Kohli, who keeps his eyes all the way on the ball and sways away
Over: 106.1
Woakes to Kohli, no run, wide of the crease to start off from and angles it back in on the abdomen off a good length. Kept out defensively
Over: 105.6
Moeen Ali to Kohli, 1 run, gets to the pitch of the ball and dishes out the wristy flick to hammer it with precision between mid-wicket and mid-on
Over: 105.5
Moeen Ali to Kohli, no run, around off once again, jams his angled bat down in time and keeps it from getting onto his front pad with the tweak coming in
Over: 105.4
Moeen Ali to Kohli, 2 runs, width now and Kohli doesn't let it go unspared. Lines up neatly and dabs it very fine past the lone slip with enough meat on it to bag a couple
Over: 105.3
Moeen Ali to Kohli, no run, full, dipping in. Drilled away off a jamming whip into the on-side
Over: 105.2
Moeen Ali to Kohli, no run, round the wicket and drifting in full around off. Kohli gets well forward and his wrists come down onto it. Smothered
Over: 105.1
Moeen Ali to Kohli, no run, gets well back and behind the line of the delivery to tuck it off an angled blade down to mid-wicket
Over: 104.6
Woakes to Vijay, no run, wide again and left alone. A wasted over barring the one delivery
Over: 104.5
Woakes to Vijay, no run, slows it up. Hopes for the sucker delivery enticing Vijay to have a go at it. Quite outside off once again for Vijay to fiddle around with it especially with 15 minutes to go for stumps
Over: 104.4
Woakes to Vijay, no run, makes him play, finally. Fullish on middle, makes him crouch thanks to the scooting bounce in defence
Over: 104.3
Woakes to Vijay, no run, stands tall and gets the front foot across to cover the off-pole and watches the ball well outside off go into the keeper's gloves
Over: 104.2
Woakes to Vijay, no run, on a length in that channel tempting Vijay to go after it outside off. Doesn't
Over: 104.1
Woakes to Vijay, 2 runs, a 140kph rib-tickler. Off the top of the bat as he looks to nudge it down and gets it to long leg for a brace
Over: 103.6
Moeen Ali to Kohli, no run, whipped powerfully, puff of dust came off, but all that intent goes straight towards the fieldsman at mid-wicket
Over: 103.5
Moeen Ali to Kohli, no run, softly driven with a closed bat face to the left of mid-wicket
Over: 103.4
Moeen Ali to Kohli, no run, lunges forward and looks to flick, hits FSL and dribbles to mid-wicket
Over: 103.3
Moeen Ali to Vijay, 1 run, on middle and leg, nudged away into the leg-side with a twirl of the wrists
Over: 103.2
Moeen Ali to Vijay, no run, forward defence into the off-side
Over: 103.1
Moeen Ali to Kohli, 1 run, he's continuing from round the wicket, pitches outside leg and spins on leg-stump, easy peasy for Kohli who manoeuvres him to backward square
Over: 102.6
Woakes to Vijay, no run, left alone outside off
Over: 102.5
Woakes to Kohli, 1 run, jumps on the back foot and flicks behind square, Kohli wants two but Vijay is not interested one bit
Over: 102.4
Woakes to Kohli, no run, plays with a slightly angled bat and deliberately guides it to backward point
Over: 102.3
Woakes to Kohli, no run, this one bounces a bit extra, Kohli hops and keeps it down
Over: 102.2
Woakes to Kohli, no run, this time he fetches a ball which was wider than the previous ball, drives extravagantly but cannot pierce the gap on the off-side
Over: 102.1
Woakes to Kohli, no run, moves in late outside off after pitching on a length, Kohli lets it pass
A short cover for Woakes and yes! There's a slip too
Over: 101.6
Moeen Ali to Vijay, no run, this one skids on middle and leg from round the wicket, kept a bit low and Vijay had to make some last-minute adjustments to quell it down in front of FSL. He went too deep inside the crease and his defence lobbed in the air (for a fleeting moment) after ricocheting off his boot. Hameed at FSL was alert, but it didn't carry. A full length dive or Bavuma would have had it