Amitabh Bachchan
on 25/06/21, 6:04 am

King of Romance: Shahrukh Khan completes 29 years in the film world, ruling Bollywood today

Shah Rukh Khan has been trending on social media since morning on the completion of his 29 years in the film industry. After seeing this trend, Shah Rukh Khan took to social media to thank his fans by tweeting. King Khan wrote, 'Was working. Just saw this post full of love from you guys. It's going to be 30 years and you guys have been showering love on me here for so many years. Just realized that I have spent more than half my life trying to entertain you guys. Thank you so much for this love. It was much needed. Shah Rukh Khan is going to do an #ASKSRK session with his fans, where he will answer all the questions of his fans. 


Since this morning, fans are celebrating the happiness of Shahrukh Khan completing 29 years in the film industry and running different hashtags on social media. Shahrukh is trending on social media with the hashtags #29GoldenYearsOfSRK and #29YearsOfDeewana. After this post of Shahrukh, many users described his journey as memorable and inspirational. One user wrote, 'Shah Rukh's journey in the Hindi film industry will always be memorable and inspiring. One user wrote, 'All those people who were questioning Shahrukh for not announcing his next film, now he will meet you on completion of 29 years in Bollywood.


Let us tell you that SRK had stepped on the film scenes from the movie "Deewana" in 1992. However, Shah Rukh Khan was not featured in the first part of the film. But as soon as the interval was over, Shah Rukh Khan's bike-riding song 'Koi na koi chahiye pyar karne wala' made a strong entry. As soon as Shahrukh entered this song, the entire hall erupted with applause and whistles. Rishi Kapoor and Divya Bharti were in the lead roles in this film. Shahrukh played the second lead. But from his very first film, Shahrukh Khan made his special place in the hearts of fans and proved that he has come here to rule.