Raftaar Singh
on 10/04/17, 2:13 pm

Anushka Sharma Accused Of Illegal Construction in Mumbai

New Delhi, April 10: After comedian Kapil Sharma, actress Anushka Sharma has fallen into trouble with BMC(Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Corporation) over an alleged illegal construction outside her apartment. BMC sent her a notice to remove the electric junction box outside her apartment after a complaint was filed by her neighbour.

Anushka Sharma owns the entire 20th floor in Badrinath Tower (Versova, Mumbai) where she is living since quite a few years. Now, she has been accused of illegally installing an electric junction box on her floor by her neighbour Sunil Batra. In the complaint, Sunil Batra alleged that she has violated several other laws in the society.

Meanwhile, Anushka's spokesperson claimed that the box was installed with permissions of the legal authorities. Sunil Batra showed a copy of the notice to Mumbai Mirror and said civil officials inspected the premises and found the electric junction box highly objectionable. On the other hand, an anonymous resident of the same building came out in support of Anushka and alleged that Batra has some personal grudges against the society and the Sharma, as he was ousted as secretary of the building following a consensus among the residents, including Anushka‘s father – Ajay Kumar Sharma.

Other residents of the area also supported Anushka and said the complainant himself has multiple illegal parking spaces. “This particular individual claiming that the construction is illegal, himself has multiple illegal parking spaces, apart from other illegal constructions in and around his house. He wants to take his personal vendetta into the public domain by throwing around a celebrity’s name, such as Anushka’s, as she is a public figure.” a resident said as per the report.